Set up your iPhone to receive your customized mail

It’s easy to set up your iPhone to receive email from your custom business. The best description I found for step-by-step instructions is here: Do not watch the video on that page – it is out of date. But the printed info is good. Doing this on my phone was slow! I kept thinking it wasn’t working it was … Read More

Using Gmail to manage email from your custom account

It’s great to have a custom email address, such as, but the tools we are often given to manage that email can’t hold a candle to the ones provided by Google and even Microsoft via Outlook. Luckily, there is a very easy way to use Gmail to manage your custom account. Here are a couple of links I found … Read More

But I have a Facebook page

A Facebook page is a great place to promote your business online. In fact, it is a necessity these days.  However, there are lots of people who are still not on Facebook or other social media sites, and in order for them to find you online, you must have a stand-alone web site.  People who are not members of Facebook … Read More

Why do I need a web site?

There are many facets to your business, and one of the best ways to let your customers know about them is by having a presence on the web. These days that may be a web site, a blog, or social media such as Facebook and Twitter. But many small businesses have only one or none of these, and that is … Read More